Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Z Factor

Z is a special letter to me. As a child, Z was for two things: Zebra, Zoo, and Zipper. I liked both of those things since I loved animals as a child and could not muster anything other than neutrality over zippers. With a bigger vocabulary, I try and come up with words that start with Z off the top of your head, but it's only a few more than the two words I learned in Elementary School. Still, I am drawn to these few words that start with Z. I subconsciously see them as fairly special words...kind of like magic. I think this attraction to the letter Z works well with my affinity towards names. There are so many names I love that start with Z. I always find something special about all Z names, even the more popular ones, and I think it is because of that one letter. Here are a few names that have that Z sound I love:
Xander (starts with an X, but is said like a Z)

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  1. There are four variations of the name Zane in the England&Wales Top 1000, so I can really see the name rising in popularity in the future.

    I also love the name Zephyr, a presenter over here by the name of Julia Bradbury recently named her son it.