Monday, October 10, 2011

Isadora, I Adore Ya

I am in love with Isadora.

On many websites about names, Isadora is considered a rare alternative to #1 name Isabella. I agree that it has the same sound and technical features, but Isadora is very different in the way I like "different".

Isadora references Isis ( The literal translation is Gift of Isis in Greek). It melds the two types of mythologies that I loved to read about as a kid: Greek and Egyptian. Wikipedia tells me that Alexander The Great's conquest of Egypt brought worship of Isis to the Greaco-Roman world, so indeed the two mythologies blended.Words cannot describe how much that delights me.

On the subject of what Isis's gift is, I'm going to suspect that it's the child. A very cool Isadora at  Bewitching Names pointed out that images of Isis resemble the typical Madonna and Child images way before Christianity. That makes Isis The Holy Mother before The Holy least symbolically.

Isadora's late ambassador was Isadora Duncan. Some say that her tragic death might be why Isabella gained more popularity than Isadora. I believe that considering how she lived, it's a bit of an insult to have her death be what defines her contributions to history. Isadora Duncan, taking off her first name of Angela, innovated dance. She also had a scandalous personal life that would make any feminist-thinking woman today proud. It fills me with awe to see the regal, poised pictures of her like the one at the top.She has an intimidating amount of presence that not social norms nor a high-profile life could interrupt.

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