Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Latest Crush: Ruby

We've all had our name crushes. Mine change constantly.If I talked about every one I've had , I'd have content for years. My current crush is on a vintage family name that while popular in other places, is not as well-known in the states.
The name is Ruby.
As I posted before, Ruby is a family name. In fact, there were two Rubies at a time in different generations.One was called "Big Ruby"and the other was called "Little Ruby" respectively.That alone shows how well Ruby ages.I love a name that ages well, and especially one that adds a bit of sass. You imagine a Ruby, while aging, to still have the vitality and spunk of her younger years.And spunk, some say, is inevitable with a name like Ruby.
That's, actually, one problem I have with the name.
Everyone says sass with a Ruby, but what if she's a more gentle person? It'd be like naming a tomboy Carlotta or a girly girl Jo. I have the same problem with the name Fern. It's a gentle name, but what if the child is more of a Ruby than a Fern? Ruby just seems a bit limiting in that regard, for all people are different. Maybe meeting a soft-spoken ruby can change people's opinion, especially my own opinion. I hope to meet that gem* of a person one day.

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*Yes, I used an obvious pun.

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Naming Guidelines

I would like to discuss this week about some of the guidelines I use when figuring out if a name will work. I believe that we all have different guidelines, and it's always a special combination of "rules" than anyone else. I use the term guidelines because no matter how many parameters you put up, there is always something out of those parameters that you love. Anyway, I'll Get on to the list.

1. The name must be easily pronounced and/or spelled in Japanese
This is not because I have Japanese family members of will be living in Japan. I know for a fact that I will end up speaking to whatever child I have in Japanese. This is very important for me to consider because some names sound different or are completely unpronounceable when translated to Japanese. I won't bore you with a lesson on Japanese pronunciation, but I'll just say this: some names can change in Japanese, and there are some words that don't exist.
2. The initials must not make me giggle
I have a mind that can come up with weird associations with certain word combinations. For instance, F and N will always sound like "Effin" which will always be translated to a curse word I won't say. Sure, not everyone will find that association, but I will see it, and no child deserves to have their mother giggle at their initials whenever they notice them.Sure, if I ever mature, it won't make me giggle as much, but for now I have that kind of "third-grade" mind.
3. There must be nobody naked upon the first google search
There are lovely names out there, and there are people who have that name who have at some point in their life had their picture taken while naked. More power to them, but in this day and age where everyone googles themselves, it should be safe to google yourself at work.
4. Extra consideration will be made to names from family members
Mabel tops Leila in the "useable" spectrum because I have a family member with that name (though I never actually have met her). Furthermore, variations on Mabel like Mae, Belle,Mabelline (never mind the makeup. This is a lovely name) are more useable than names not related to family. I may not be very close to my family members, but I still want to honor them if I can.
5. There must be a nature name somewhere.
I love nature. I kind of shrivel up a bit like a flower taken out of the sun when I am away from nature. No matter what names I chose, one has to pay homage to an element of nature.
6.No Twilight names. Ever.
I know twilight has been used as a punchline for bad books. Still, I have not read it and have no interest in reading it. I don't want any ties to the book at all, so if there is a character from the series with a name I like (and there are a lot), it's off limits. I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole.
7.The name must age well
I don't do the " introducing, president ________" to make sure a name is suitable. President Barack Obama blows that test out of the water. What I do is just make sure the name works as the person ages. I imagine the name on a baby, someone's classmate, someone's lover, and then someone's grandmother. It's hard to think of a child of your growing up, but it's very important because it's inevitable.

What guidelines do you use when choosing a good name? I'd love to hear some of yours.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Pippilotta Could Work

Pippi Longstocking is a favorite book of mine. Her full name in English , Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking, is a sort of gag-name that is funny to hear her introduce herself no matter how many times I read it. Her first name, and nickname especially, might be ready for modern times in my opinion. Some might say Pippilotta is supposed to be part of the joke in how frilly it is, but it sounds pretty legit. It even sounds kind of like a smoosh of Philippa and Carlotta.The nicknames for Pippilotta is what really sells it for me. I consider Pippilotta the most original way to get to high-trending nicknames such as Pippa and Lottie.Not to mention the original Pippi, which gives a nice alternative to those that don't want to seem like they're naming the child after Pippa Middleton but want a name people recognize. I'd recommend Pippilotta to anyone who is not afraid of the frills and loves the books as much as I do.

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