Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Sparked A Fanciers' Obsession

"I will bear three girls all with strawberry curls, little Ella and
Nelly and Faye."

That is what started this interest. I heard this line while listening to the song Far Away by Ingrid Michaelson. I was touched by that line. The whole song is about imagening the perfect life, and these were the names of her children in this "far away" existence. My imagination then started to wander, and I wondered what my three children would be. It's wonderfully romantic to imagine, I'll tell you.
I want to end this awfully short post with the song that started everything. I hope you enjoy.
I am new to posting videos, so please let me know if there are any glitches!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Character's Name

The fact that I am single does not necessarily mean that I never get to use my interest of names productively.I might not have children in the traditional terms, but I have characters in the multitude of stories that I write.Anyone who has written stories know that having a character can create the same emotional attachment as having a child in your life. You think about them constantly, give in to their needs, and love them unconditionally.
I have came up with many story ideas.These stories cover many subjects from high fantasy to realistic romance. A fun thing about naming characters, as opposed to real people, is that there is not guess work. You do not have to worry if a character with a feminine name will like it or not unless you want them to. Otherwise, a character is guaranteed to have a name that fits. You already know the personality of a character, which can't be said for a newborn baby. Here are the names of a few of my characters with thoughts on the name and it's relation to the story. They are all characters from different stories, and I wouldn't tell what stories they are in case I actually finish one

Gizelle: She is an etymologist who enjoys large, romantic, castles and ballet. My back story for her name is that her mother was a ballerina, and gave her the name of her first role.
Michael: He is an expert classical pianist but prefers playing jazz.  He is Chinese-American and his last name is Dong. His parents, realizing the unfortunate implications of their last name, wanted to soften the blow by giving him as average a name as possible.
Argos: He is your typical Fantasy Peasant Boy.He is given the power to cast magic by a powerful sorcerer, but the spell backfires. It's a strong name, but it's simple enough even for being a peasant. It suits him more once he gains his abilities, however.
Terra: She is a young girl born with green eyes. The people of her village believe she is a type of fairy and treat her like an outsider.The story is how she goes off into the forest to find her "true" people.She was named Terra because she is the exact color of the dirt.

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