Friday, July 20, 2012

Eccentric Middle Names

There are names, and then there are things. You try not to give people the name of things, but some things sound so good. That is where middle names come in. The middle name is where most parents go a little wild, especially with a common first name. Here are some ideas I have for a few middle names that make even the plainest of janes and johns stand out.

Honeydew- it's a type of melon, but tink about the words in this compound name: honey and dew. Together, it sounds simply rich. And honeydew melons aren't an ugly fruit. I happen to love the color of their spritely green flesh.

Cannon- Butch names are all the rave. I'm all about peace, so most names like Trig do not appeal to me. Cannon is a different story. It might be the name for a weapon, but it also used as a term for the written word. I feel that brings a scholarly edge to the name.

Merryweather- For boys, it is a legit name too feminine for modern times. For girls, it is too fanciful for modern times. why not put it in the middle, then? Furthermore, the fairy Merryweather is my favorite fairy from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Rebel- I admit, I wouldn't personally use this as a middle name. But I love a rebel, and with the right child it could be cool.

Sunshine- This name was featured in my post about hippie names, but I just wanted to highlight this name a second time. It has a nice connotation, sounds nice on the tongue, and really sets a common name apart.

To end this post, I'll mix up a few of these names with the top girls and boy names.

Sophia Honeydew
Jacob Cannon
Isabella Merryweather
Mason Rebel
Emma Sunshine

Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple Names From A Dream

"Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?" 
A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

I had a dream a while back. I was calling out to a little girl that was my own. It was a bright sunny day, and this took place on a lawn. I do not remember the name I called out, but I could feel how the name felt: Simple. I know for sure it was a simple kind of name.

Many have said that dreams are a way of telling you something. I subscribe to that motto. If I had a dream of a plane crashing before a big trip, I would cancel the flight. It sounds silly, but it's an uncertain world, and it's only human to cling to any source of certainty.

Nonetheless, this dream has inspired me to go searching for names that are simple. Over at nameberry, I asked for users ideas of what a simple name looks like. here are some names that repeated in people's responses:


One comment from taz, a senior member, brought great insight into the benefits of simple names:
"Any classic name fits perfectly. I think that simplicity is an excellent thing to keep in mind when naming. Who would want a confusing name?!"

So I am going to consider simplicity, and especially the names suggested, in looking for The Right Name.