Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Latest Crush: Ruby

We've all had our name crushes. Mine change constantly.If I talked about every one I've had , I'd have content for years. My current crush is on a vintage family name that while popular in other places, is not as well-known in the states.
The name is Ruby.
As I posted before, Ruby is a family name. In fact, there were two Rubies at a time in different generations.One was called "Big Ruby"and the other was called "Little Ruby" respectively.That alone shows how well Ruby ages.I love a name that ages well, and especially one that adds a bit of sass. You imagine a Ruby, while aging, to still have the vitality and spunk of her younger years.And spunk, some say, is inevitable with a name like Ruby.
That's, actually, one problem I have with the name.
Everyone says sass with a Ruby, but what if she's a more gentle person? It'd be like naming a tomboy Carlotta or a girly girl Jo. I have the same problem with the name Fern. It's a gentle name, but what if the child is more of a Ruby than a Fern? Ruby just seems a bit limiting in that regard, for all people are different. Maybe meeting a soft-spoken ruby can change people's opinion, especially my own opinion. I hope to meet that gem* of a person one day.

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*Yes, I used an obvious pun.

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