Friday, April 13, 2012

My Current Crush: Louella

I have recently been loving fairly southern names. I'm the opposite of southern, but like many African Americans, I have family in past and present who have resided below the Mason Dixon Line. One name I like practically begs to be said with an accent.My Jersey accent might take away from the beauty of this name, but I love it still: Louella.
On Nameberry, Louella is said to be a smoosh of Louise and Ella. On Behind The Name, someone comments that Louella could be an old Teutonic word for "shrewd war heroine", but the scientist in me needs more data around that. There is nothing wrong with smooshing Louise and Ella together.
What I like about Louella is that it's a familiar name, can suit a potential tomboy with the nickname Lou, and has just that little dash of "special" that helps it stand out.
Also, might I add that I love the brand Luella? The clothes are often lovely, whimsical, and add a huge injection of youthfulness to the name Louella, or Luella as it's also spelled. The image is from the brand's Spring 2010 show. I look forward to seeing what more Luella Bartley has to offer.

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  1. I came over here from Appellation Mountain--I have to say I love the name Louella too, but I came to it from the female version of the Welsh name Llewellyn, which is spelled Llewella. Llewellyn is my great-grandfather's name and I have always loved that sound! With the popularity of Lou and El- names I can definitely see Louella taking off.