Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Other Elizabeths

I don't know if I can make this very clear, but I love my name. I never quite gel to nicknames like Liz or Lizzy or Betsy no matter what family members call me. I have always preferred Elizabeth in full. It is the name of many people I admire and has never been too trendy no matter how many Elizabeths there are.
But Elizabeth isn't the only of it's kind.
Here are a few names that have similar features to Elizabeth: old names that have staid in the top 50 for years, but have not really been in the #1 spot in the past decade.

Samantha: Samantha is a natural variant of Elizabeth. They both have an old colonial sound, and have been steadily popular for years, but not #1 popular.It also has the boyish nickname Sam, making it the enviable name for all tomboys of the world.

Alexis:  I am not a personal fan of Alexis. To me it seems like one of those names you give to your daughter because you subconsciously wanted a boy. Still, it has it's charms, and a lot more people have been a fan of this name.

Hannah: This is a very east-coast name. I like the name Hannah, but it doesn't have a lot of oomph. It's got a plain-jane sound to it, no matter how pretty a Hannah could be (and the Hannah I know is quite pretty).

Sarah: Sarah seems like the obvious sister, or cousin, to Hannah. Both are old Hebrew names that do not inspire me. Still, I cannot stop liking the name due to it's many admirable namesakes.

Grace:Grace is a lovely virtue name that doesn't sound too stuffy. It surprises me sometimes in it's simpleness.Sometimes I find it almost too simple, if you know what I mean.

Feel free to share other names that you feel fall into the "Elizabeth" category.

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