Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cult of The Lillys

I like to say that I have an individualistic taste in name, that my tastes are not toward the name that everyone will have.
But then there is Lillian.
There are so many variations of names with a Lilly theme. There is Lilly,Lila, Lilliana, and my favorite, Lillian. I've more than once personally called these variation The Cult of The Lillys.
Lillian is a solid classic that sounds just as fresh today as it sounded the last time it was popular. Lilly is also a popular name, and is the natural nickname for Lillian and lots of variations of the two names. With the amount of variations of Lilly and Lillian , there are a lot of girls answering to Lilly. What is the appeal of this name?
I think, like Isabella, which is just as popular as Lilly, it might be the charm of the name. Isabella might be a variation of Elizabeth, but when is said, it sounds like Is A Bella. Bella, or Bel/belle, is often the route word for beautiful. That makes Isabella a literally beautiful name.Lilly brings to mind the flower, and the Lilly is ingrained in society as a symbol of beauty as much as the Rose.That makes Lilly, again, a literally Beautiful name.
There are also many literary characters with the name of Lilly. They are always righteous, and sometimes they have tragic circumstances. The recent Lilly to have the collective mind is Lilly Potter/Evens from the Harry Potter series. She is Harry's mother who gives Harry all that she can to protect him from his fate.This Lilly wears her name well, so there are no way people can see problems in using her as a namesake.
With all of this going for Lilly,many people from those with unique tastes to those with standard tastes can get behind the name. That is a lot of people, and many of these Lillys run risk of having a last initial tacked on for reference. That is the saving grace of Lillian. Lilly might be the natural nickname for Lillian, but it's fairly easy to say in full, and it has a second nickname option: Lil.
The only Lillian I know as Lil is the baby Lil from the TV show Rugrats. She , with her twin brother Phil (full name Phillip) follow the main character Tommy Pickles on adventures. The twin's main characteristic is their love for eating bugs. I like Lil as a character, for she is truly herself as the bug-eater she is. I would definitely use Lil as an alternate nickname for Lillian, but no choice of mine can stop a Lillian from becoming one with The Cult.

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