Thursday, October 6, 2011

L.M. Montgomery Is a Kindred Spirit

I have two jobs right now. During my free time, I am reading books to fill in small gaps of time. Right now I am reading the Anne of Green Gables series.  I am at Anne of Windy Poplars right now. This story, and it's titular character, has rekindled a sense of wonder and romance during a time when it seemed the flame of my artistic heart had been blown out.

I owe a lot to the wonderful author who created this world, miss Lucy Maud Montgomery.Isn't it ironic that she doesn't insist that Maud is spelled with an e at the end? Anyway, Lucy Maud, or L.M. Montgomery, has a lot to say about names. It seems in every book there is something said about names and their quality. I believe that were Miss Montgomery here today, she would be a fancier of names.She comes up with the most charming and suitable names for her characters. Here are a few of my favorite names from all of Miss Montgomery's work, even some outside of the "Anne Universe" as I call it:
Anne (of course)
Josephine (let's not mention Josie)
Phillippa, with the nickname Phil
Emily (no matter how many people think it's a trendy name, I love it)
Patricia, nicknamed Pat

There are also names that I love mainly for having a connection to the series:
Amaryllis :A fancier way to get to Marilla or Rilla
Averil: from Anne's first published work, Averil's Atonement
Avonlea: The name of the town Anne lives in
Cordelia: Anne's imagined name.
Edward: after Prince Edward's Island
Poplar: From Anne of Windy Poplars. It makes an interesting middle-name idea

All in all, it's my belief that Miss Lucy Maude Montgomery is a kindred spirit when it comes to names.She at least writes her character having thoughts about names that only a true enthusiast would be attuned to. Also, she comes up with the most delightful names.

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