Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Heroes

Hero Names is a diverse subject. Everyone has a hero in various forms, be their hero a fictional character or a tangible person. What is a hero to one person could be the opposite to another. That is why it helps to pay homage to those that inspire you. It makes things much more personal. Once I am able to have a pet, for instance, I intend to pay homage to my heroes. One cat I had was named after Lina Inverse from my favorite anime series of the time.
Some hero names are too good to save for animals. Some names are just so personal and so beautiful that you might want to use it for your own children. Here are a few names I love because they relate to my personal heroes:

Isobel and Traceyanne: I do not care if Isobel sounds a lot like #1 Isabella. I do not care if others would think Traceyanne is a bit dated and made-up. Isobel Campbell and Traceyanne Campbell are my favorite modern female vocalists (Joni Mitchell has the all-time spot).Also, Isobel Cambell sings for Belle and Sebastain while Traceyanne sings for Camera Obscura, another band I love on equal footing. Both bands are often compared because they have a similar feeling, but like Isobel and Traceyanne, they are not actually related despite sounding like they are.Twins with these names would be a great homage to two fantastic vocalists.

Margaret: I meet my Aunt Margaret when I was a lot younger on a big trip around the West Coast. From that small amount of time I knew her, I still cannot forget how much of an awesome woman she was. I would love to use this name in the future.

Gilbert: I love Anne of Green Gables, and I of course love Gilbert Blythe. He has a real charm, even down to his name.I even love the nickname Gill. It has an old-timey sound that also has a wonderful tie in with the book series I love.

Al: My Uncle Al, short for Alphonse, was the closest thing I had to a living grandfather. I have fond and vivid memories of visiting him in Philladelphia. Since his passing, Thanksgiving has never been the same (He usually hosted it). I think that any name that can be shortened to Al (Alistair, Allen, Alice) can work as an homage to a great man.

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