Friday, October 14, 2011

Boy Names I Love

I do not write enough about boys names.
It makes me feel extremely guilty when I do all these posts about girls and give little thought to the names of boys. Boy names, while lacking nature names, are just as interesting. Here are a few boy's names that I like, and would even consider.
Miles: This is the name of the grandfather I've never meet, but my mom always talked about. The story is that he changed his name from Rufus to Miles. Indeed, I prefer Miles to Rufus. It's a cool, simple, and Jazzy name.

Peter: One of the best  show on Nickelodeon in my humble opinion is The Adventures of Pete and Pete. That series influences my taste in more than one way. It gave Pete, a natural nickname for Peter, a down-the-block homey sound. Peter, the formal version, has pretty positive images as well. Peter Pan, the perpetual boy, gives the name a literary whimsy.

Enzo: I like this name because it's part French and part sci-fi. Enzo is a popular name in France. The o-ending also gives it a very modern edge. It's one of the few modern/trendy names that I like.

Nathaniel: I used to like Edward, but then Twilight happened.  I would not consider or recommend Edward for the next thirty years. Hopefully, by then,  the series can fade into obscurity (where it belongs, but that's my own prejudices speaking).Until then, there is an equally good choice: Nathaniel. Nathaniel, like Edward, brings to mind dashing men in period garb roaming the English countryside broodingly.As I have a soft spot for romanticism in style alone, the literary connection to Nathaniel Hawthorne gains Nathaniel an advantage.

Alphonse: I've heard more than once that this name has been called "girly", but I find it charming. There is an Alphonse  on the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist series. Many young boys read this series, thus Alphonse already is becoming part of the norm. Alphonse Mucha brings in an artistic edge to the name. It helps that Mucha is my favorite artist, making me love this name more.

There are more where this came from, so I am far from opposed to thinking about boy names. I have as much love for them as for girl names, but I probably think more about the girls names more often.

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  1. I definitely agree; there just isn't as much romance to naming a boy! Alphonse is my grandfather's middle name, and I love it! My other grandfather's name is Edward, and then Twilight ruined it.