Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Japanese Names For The Modern Gaikokujin

I have a deep affection for Japan. There are so many aspects of Japanese culture that I admire and feel more connected to than compared to American culture. I especially love Japanese names. They are chosen always with a lovely meaning in mind, and a lot of them are wonderfully nature-themed.
One issue, however, is that I am nowhere near Japanese . Honoring this love for Japanese culture that I will share with my children (IE watching Anime DVDs) will be difficult to express in the outside world. I could name my child Megumi Nara for Naoki Akira, but everyone is going to comment on how un-Japanese the child looks compared to the name.Even if she or he is  part Japanese (I wouldn't be silly enough to give someone part Chinese or Korean a Japanese name BTW), it'll be a bit incongruous to give an Asian name with no consideration for American roots.

I put a lot of thought into this because indeed, no matter whatever is in my future, I want to have children and watch Anpanman and speak to my child in Japanese.Some people play french lullabies and give them little baby berets, but I prefer to branch beyond Europe.

Anyway, Here are some names that are Japanese, but are not too hard to pronounce, and in some cases, sound covertly English.

Marie (pronounced ma-ri-eh)
Zen (more of a concept than a name, but it works)

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  1. Suki and Ren are both lovely names, and not dissimilar to the already established names Susie and Wren.