Monday, October 3, 2011

Names and The Single Woman

I do not have children. I am not married, and I haven't gone on a date in quite a while. Still, I like to amuse myself by coming up with names for my future children.
why does it seem that single people have to feel guilty for thinking about names for thier future children?
Is there really too much thought you can put into a name?
Especially in this day and age where people have put more meanings in names than ever before. They didn't make such statements about how much teasing a child would receive for their name a hundred years ago. There is so much more to consider. You have to think about the name's meaning, the way it'll sound when yelled at the playground or used in full when angry, how popular the name is or how dated it is, your significant other's opinion, and a whole lot more.With all that to consider, could you ever start thinking about names too early?
I don't think so.
This blog is where I talk about names from personal choices to sociological musings. I cannot keep the sociology aspect of names out of the discussion ,after all. What everyone is naming their children now will define a generation.It's an exciting prospect, and I'd love to make the best contribution to the names of the next generation as possible.I am happy to share these thoughts out in the wide world that is known as the internet. I ask a lot of questions, so feel free to answer them as you see fit. This is a communal topic, after all.

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