Monday, January 9, 2012

A Word About Blue Ivy

I am going to put this out there and let it rest: I would have preferred the Bey-Z child to be named Ivy Blue. I have a soft spot for Ivy since it is one of my cousin's names. Since she was the closest I had to an older sister, I have always looked at Ivy as a very grown-up name.
As it stands, however, the child's first name is Blue.
Blue is, in my narrow opinion, nowhere near as adult as Ivy. I'd have the same opinion if the child was called Barbie Ivy or Bitsy Ivy.Luckily, however, in case of seriousness, the child has a serious name to work with. Thus is the magic of middle names.It's sort of like a backup if the first name fails.
But whatever my opinion on Blue Ivy, I wish her the best in life, and for her all the love a child needs when growing up.

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