Friday, January 20, 2012

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Embrace The Wierd

 Do you want to know what name I am in love with right now?Lumi
It does not age well at all, it sounds more like Loony than even Luna, and it's very, very Finnish (it's a more popular Finnish name, and means "snow").I still love Lumi. I will even defend Lumi.

I've realized something about myself, the life I want to live, and the values I would like to pass down: it does not encourage conforming to social norms.I am not an average person with average values, and I've yet to really meet one with "Everyday American" values that I liked. I prefer to hang with social outcasts and deviants. Why would someone like me worry about how normal a child could turn out? Names can be changed, after all, so what's the harm other than a little paperwork?Thus, I have given up on trying to use a name that's normal. using the anchor rule , I'm sure I can make the name work.  Here are some ideas I have for the name:

Lumi Arietty
Lumi Alicia
Lumi Araceli
Lumi Fae
Lumi Olivia
Lumi Pandora


  1. I adore Lumi too! To be honest, my main worry with using it is that it's quite similar to my own name. Lumi Arietty is adorable.

  2. Lumi is wonderful. Lumi Fae sounds great. I'm particularly fond of the combo Lumi Isabelle. I tend to like name that are a bit out there. If I were to name a child, whether a name is 'weird' or not wouldn't really be here or there. Growing up with an uncommon name has great advantages. My name was always mine-- I didn't have to share it with 10+ girls in my school. And, really, people with uncommon names turn out just as 'normal' as a Jack or Jessica :)