Friday, January 27, 2012

A "Made-up" Real Name

I like to mention names I really like to my mom. it's a nice experiment on actually saying the names and getting an opinion from someone outside of the name-loving loop. I consider my mom has decent tastes in names (She gave my brother and I excellent ones), so I trust her opinion.
but then, when I said " what do you think about Sunniva?" she said that she felt it sounded made-up.
I don't know what to feel.
On one hand, not a lot of people would be familiar with Sunniva. It's a Norwegian name meaning "Sun's Gift". It's not in a lot of name databases , and you can forget about finding it in the top 1000 for baby names.
Still, Sunniva is easy to pronounce, has a positive meaning, and has a lot of cute nicknames (Sue, Sunny, Niva). I really like this name for these qualities. I find it interesting that with all these qualities of a real name, my mom still thinks it sounds made-up. Maybe it's just something to do with her generation, and I should use this as a reminder to take caution when mentioning my more out-there name ideas.

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