Friday, February 17, 2012

In Defense of Maple Sylvie

Am I the only one who thought "Oh, how darling!" when I heard of the latest Celebrity Name Maple Sylvie? Many people are saying that it sounds too much like Maple Syrup, but I think that makes it even sweeter.Maple syrup is almost as iconic as the trees it comes from. Sylvie is also a lovely name, and adds a lot of sprightly zest to the middle. Ever since Maple has been suggested as an actual name, I've been intrigued. I hope that the latest Maple helps people name more of their children with the name.

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  1. I like Sylvie a lot. I'm less keen on Maple, although I don't dislike it completely (but I do wonder why they didn't just go with Mabel). I think it has the same problem as Blue Ivy- separately the names are nice but together they don’t really seem to work. It's not the worst celebrity name, though.