Friday, December 2, 2011

A Quick Update

I'm so sorry for not posting as often, or at all lately. I want to make up for it by posting a whole mess of names and thoughts I've had about them.

Faline: I didn't think the character on Bambi warrants the name to go off the name market. Faline means catlike, which I can respect in a meaning since cats are cool creatures. I think it'll take a character named Faline to bring it back.

Clarice: I find this name very feminine and sophisticated. A lot like the name Ursula. The character in Silence of The Lambs was pretty cool, so I don't see what's wrong with the association.

Walter: I just like this name, and wish it was more popular. A Walter I know is a British mathmetician, and he wears the name very well.

Fae: Another reason I like Faline is that the natura nickname is Fae. I've been fascinated by fairies since I was a little kid, and find it a surprisingly solid name for such delicate creatures.

Linda: I watched the Japanese film Linda Linda Linda, a story of girls in a band who have to quickly learn to play a song with a Korean exchange student who barely speaks Japanese as their vocalist.I've heard the name Linda so many times after hearing the main song the band sings that I'm kind of liking the name Linda. I'm sure if the movie was more popular in the states, people would see Linda in a fresher light.

Alma: I have an iphone, and one neat feature is this voice recorder. I've been playing around with it. You know, it's strange how one's voice sounds completely different when heard instead of said. Anyway, one name I toyed with was Alma, and it surprisingly sounded very nice. It kind of reminds me of Emma, but hardly as popular.

Joya:The sister of my aunt's husband recently had a baby girl. One of the first things I asked is what she was named. They chose Joya, which is a variation of Joy.I think it's a lovely name choice, and I wish the child as much joy as in her name.

Mori: One of my favorite Japanese fashion movements, represented in the picture, is Mori Girl . It focuses more on evoking a woodsy feeling and relies on a natural look. Mori, in Japanese kanji, is written with three symbols of the kanji for tree like this 森 and means forest. In an english-speaking world, Mori sounds like the old-man name Maury.I think that thanks to the style, I see a bit of femininity in that name that would be charming on a girl (especially if she loves the outdoors).

An that's all I can come up with. I've got to go to work, but I felt it's only right to post something while I have something written.

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  1. My sister has a book concerning a girl named Clarice Bean. It's one of those kiddie books which contains lovely illustrations and makes me love the name Clarice. She rather reminds me of the popular name Alice.